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Intraterm at Quarry Lane is upon us once again. Usually, intraterm is a week of field trips and excursions for most students, and a time to catch up on approaching AP and IB due dates for others. However, intraterm looks slightly different this year.COVID-19 may have put a halt on socializing, sports, and even in-person […]


What Would A Contested Election Look Like?

Earlier this year––a year racked with coronavirus, political instability, and uncertainty––about 100 of America’s top officials, advisors, and leaders met secretly in the summer heat, a scene reminiscent of a similar summer meeting that took place over 200 years ago. Like that fateful gathering all those years ago that ultimately signed the Declaration of Independence, the meeting held 200 years later would be an important turning point in American history.


The Orionid Highlights Shine Through a Dark Year

Peaking in October, the Orionid meteor showers are one of the most beautiful showers every year. Meteors themselves come from leftover comet particles and small parts of broken asteroids. When comets orbit the sun, they emit dust that slowly spreads into a trail of dust following the orbit. Every year the Earth passes through these trails, which cause the debris to strike and enter our atmosphere, where they disintegrate and manifest as the iconic dazzling streaks in the sky.