About Us

The Roar is Quarry Lane’s student-led journalism club with a monthly online publication. The club seeks to empower young people at QLS and capture student voice and expression. Their first issue launched Tuesday, October 22nd! The website is updated regularly with diverse content ranging from sports to global news to visual art to much, much more. Club members meet during Wednesdays flex in Mr. Gary Smith’s room (130) to brainstorm article topics and exchange ideas. All are welcome to contribute! The Roar is always looking for new perspectives and creativity.

Letter From The Editor – in – Chief

When I became the Editor-in-Chief of “The Roar”, I wanted to use writing and other facets of creativity to capture the essence of student voice. There is a whirlwind of events and a constantly shifting dynamic that contribute to the thousands of voices in each of us. And while social media or a mere photograph may provide us with a passing glimpse into these perspectives, I wanted to go beyond these constructs.

I had the privilege of becoming the junior editor for Quarry Lane’s Journalism Club as a sophomore. By junior year, we formed a full-fledged team of writers, artists, editors, and more. In the coming months, we plan on updating our website with fresh issues of articles.  

I’m incredibly excited for this year, with all of its possibilities and opportunities. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation for my team; while our close relationship with Quarry Lane brought us all together, it’s our differences that make our club unique. We intend to keep growing, keep roaring — just keep reading 🙂

Create. Express. Integrate.