Apple’s new lineup

by Joshua Yang Every year or so, around November and October, Apple announces a new set of certain apple products, including iPads or iMacs. However, perhaps one of the most anticipated products is the iPhone.  On October 17th of this year, Apple announced the new lineup of the iPhone 13. Like last year, Apple released […]


Is Ai the future?

by Sudharsan Gopalakrishnan  Computer Science has existed for over a century at this point, and it’s fascinating to see it evolve over time. However, very recently, AI has been making an increasingly popular trend. Today, whether you agree or not, we depend on AI. Take, for example, your GPS in your car. GPS guides are […]


AMD and Nvidia launch: Promises broken?

It’s been more than two months since Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series launch and more than one since AMD’s Big Navi GPU launch. Yet none of these cards are available on store shelves. Going to Amazon, Newegg, or other vendors to find these cards will yield nothing more than a notify me button.  Going to Ebay, […]