Apple’s new lineup

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Every year or so, around November and October, Apple announces a new set of certain apple products, including iPads or iMacs. However, perhaps one of the most anticipated products is the iPhone. 

On October 17th of this year, Apple announced the new lineup of the iPhone 13. Like last year, Apple released four separate models: A 5.4 inch iPhone Mini, a 6.1 inch iPhone, a 6.1 inch iPhone Pro, and a 6.7 inch iPhone Pro Max, each starting at a price of $699, $799, $999, and $1099 dollars respectively. 

Although at first, there might not seem much of a difference between the iPhone 13s and the iPhone 12s, a more thorough analysis reveals more. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that the camera notch, which takes up space on the top of the screen and was widely complained about last year, has now been reduced a bit. Other than that physically, the phone itself has become a bit chunkier and the camera lenses bumpier. 

For the major additions themselves, compared to last year, there is a better battery life boost, camera, display, and processor. Compared to last year, the new models should last around 1-2 hours more than before. The cameras come with the standard improvement of better color and contrast. One of the heavily advertised features is the new Cinematic Mode, suited towards making more movielike videos. Essentially, it creates contrast using focus and creates better transitions between scenes. On the other spectrum, Apple introduced better OLED screens, instead of LED screens. In simple terms, a more premium design with better colors and brightness. Furthermore, the Pro models include the ProMotion display, with a refresh rate of up to 120hz, creating a smoother touch and silky response time. Finally, all models come with the new and improved A15 Bionic chip, yet again the fastest on the market with a noticeable but not significant gap between last year’s A14 chip. 

If you’re impatient for a new phone immediately, the choice is always yours to bag the new iPhone 13; the differences are apparent and make a clear difference. Yet, you could also wait for the 14, where rumors suggest a “complete redesign”, and problems such as lack of USB C charging, a camera notch, decent but not fast charging, may not be existent. In summary, the iPhone 13 is an excellent premium phone that is ahead of its competitors with a good number of features to differentiate it from last year’s models. 

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