The Bright Future: CES 2021’s Coolest Products

CES is an annual electronics show where a variety of new products, concepts, and technological innovations are presented. Here are some of the highlights of the best product and concepts at CES 2021. 

High-Tech Mask
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have developed unique mask designs with high-tech features. The Gaming company Razer has developed a concept called Project Hazel which is an N-95 mask with fancy details like RGB LED lighting and methods to unmuffle your voices as well as ventilation and sterilization. Unfortunately, at the moment this is just a concept and may not end up as an actual product. On the other hand, Binatone introduced its MaskFone which is also an N-95 mask with Bluetooth earbuds and Siri or Alexa control for around 50 U.S. dollars. 

Samsung Robot
Samsung showed off three robots that help with chores and other tasks around the house. This includes washing the dishes or pouring beverages. One of these robots, which helps vacuum around the house, will be on sale later this year. 

General Motor insinuated that it might plan on joining the eVOTL air-taxi industry, where electric-powered air vehicles make flights on demands just like with normal taxis. The company showed projections of their electric aircraft, a small-single seat vehicle, which can reach a max speed of 56 mph. At first glance, these air taxis will be used for short trips. Nevertheless, it is an exciting new product that shines in this year’s CES 2021. 

LG’s Rollable Phone
Korean company LG teased its new and unusual concept of a rollable phone. In this special phone, the screen is able to lengthen and contract based on the user’s preferences. Unfortunately, not many details have been shown or revealed in CES yet. 

Rollable computer chessboard

The chess-board company Square Off has presented a new portable computer rollable chessboard that allows you to play against specialized AI or connect to play against other players around the world. In recent years, Square Off created a chessboard that uses magnets to automatically move chess pieces around when playing against other real people who are not physically in your presence. In summary, this seems to be a very innovative step for automated board games.

Domestic Recycling Appliance
The company Lasso Loop Recycling is currently developing a machine that collects garbage while sorting through it, determining whether certain things are recyclable, or taking off labels. The company will send receivers every certain time period to collect all the recyclable material to redistribute to other manufactures’ products. 

Overall, CES 2021 is filled with many products and ideas that innovate the tech industry. Although 2020 (and possibly 2021)  hasn’t turned out to be the best year for many, CES has shown the bright future ahead of us and advanced technology we can all look forward to.

Photo Source: Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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