Environment at stake

Discarded Plastic Forms An Ecosystem At Sea Marine student Elizabeth Lopez maneuvered a huge steel claw off the coast of San Diego. Her research confirms the presence of the plastisphere-a manmade ecosystem of plastic debris. The plastisphere was created due to the large amounts of plastic debris deposited. 70 pounds of plastic is generated by […]


Are you listening?

Every cause has an effect, a drastic one. Every small action we take can create a new universe, a new world. The universe we create is the foundation of our choices. After all, we are defined by our choices. One person suicides every 30 seconds, and 3000 people suicide every day. Mental illness has become […]


The Fifteen Minute Hamlet

Some people get frightened when they hear Shakespeare’s name – they get ready to tackle the mysterious Shakespearean language, (which seems to not be English), or they thank their lucky stars for the blessed lullaby and are prepared to sleep. However, this play will change your views on that.