Teens, Tik Tok Parties, and tROUBLE bREWING

“If you’re using this time to hang out with your friends since you don’t have school, please, I’m asking you, please stop being so inconsiderate to others. You may think this isn’t going to affect me or it isn’t that bad. You are putting other people at risk to get hurt and to be in pain,” said TikToker Charli’D Amelio, on an Instagram live stream, days before enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas- alongside fellow TikTok Stars Dixie D’Amelio, Madie Monroe, Noah Beck, and Chase Hudson.

Currently, Los Angeles, the TikTok star’s home, has run out of ICU beds and is struggling in the face of a coronavirus surge. The state of California as a whole surpassed 2 million COVID cases and 25,000 coronavirus-related deaths as of Jan 18, 2021. Although D’Amelio has stopped posting videos temporarily, fans were quick to notice the neglect of COVID safety guidelines on her end. 

Several fans have unfollowed Charli and others on the trip, and many are holding the group accountable for acting as bad role models to their younger audience. Charli is especially getting hate due to the hypocrisy she displayed. Though many believe that the queen of Tiktok will get away with going against health guidelines, TikTok is not having it. 

“You’re putting your life and others in danger. Are you really that impatient and couldn’t wait till the deathly pandemic is over? please please just stay home it’s so easy, ” wrote a fan. 

Another fan stated, “Called spoiled white girls. Who thinks her fans are numbers. Over-rated and aren’t influencers. They don’t give back or do charity and think they are above everything. They will get what they deserve. Give it 2 years they will be forgotten and so will the app be.” 

While the group is facing criticism and severe negativity, it is likely that the event shall pass soon. However, it is important to hold people accountable, irrespective of their position and status. For now, the group is insincere trouble and should apologize.

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