Self-Care Tips for Traumatic News

Some days are worse than the others, making you feel unbalanced and uncertain with what will happen next.  What we hear and see on the news has a greater impact towards our mental health than we think. While we sometimes may not be aware of it, mental health goes long ways when dealing with traumatic news everyday. Whether it is something you see on TV, a push notification coming from your phone, or overhearing conversations, our emotions are subject to change as soon as we are exposed to negative energy. There are numerous ways to overcome and surpass these thoughts and emotions, as soon as you hear the news. Reading one news article leads to another, causing a sudden change in our mood and aura. 

One of the most efficient and beneficial ways to prevent yourself from getting into a deep hole in reading and watching the news, is to balance screen time. As students and teachers are online for around eight hours a day, it is easy to be distracted and caught off guard by constantly being on the internet and on our devices. However, it is also not easy to simply disregard a notification and alert from a cell phone or computer. There are different procedures that can be taken in order to maintain a healthier balance between the hours you stare at a screen and going on with your day. Start by taking small steps, such as setting a time limit on your device or by planning out the rest of your day, as a way to motivate yourself. However, keep in mind that it is also important to stay informed and be present with current situations and our surroundings. 

While dealing with traumatizing news and that overall feeling of anxiety that you may have, it is severely important to focus and meet the basic essentials that your body and mind needs. This can be physically and mentally, allowing your body to feel nourished and comfortable during these difficult times. For example, ask yourself questions such as, “Am I eating regularly throughout the day? Am I getting enough sleep? “Am I taking time out of the day to focus on myself?” All of these questions affect our physical and mental health, and meeting these basic needs will make you feel less stressed and anxious while listening or reading the news. 

Not all of the news we hear about is negative, however when we hear something shocking or frightful, it can cause an arousing feeling of anger or sadness. It is important to accept the way we feel, and not overthink or create any extra stress mentally. If feeling panicked or anxious, meditating and focusing on your breath helps you get a sense of clarity, while having a spacious mind. Practicing meditation goes long ways in the way you think and breathe, as it is beneficial for both the mind and body. It is as simple as looking up a guided meditation, to silencing your mind and focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes. As you get more comfortable, meditation and breath work will come naturally, and any stressful, angry, and anxious feelings that you may feel will slowly start to release from your mind. Most importantly, maintaining a positive mindset and view while reading the news, helps tremendously. It is completely normal to experience a traumatic response to the news, overcoming that will get easier by practicing these small steps everyday. 

Photo Source: Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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