The Urgent Need of Tending to Our Planet, featuring Dr. Jita Ghosh

by Srusti Acharya

As our school continues to strive towards preserving our environment, it is important to remember that we can only move forward from the damage we may have already done. With that said, we as a school are global citizens and it is imperative for us to make our mark by being constantly and aware of our surroundings. 

To be mindful, we must know the truth behind issues that are commonly misunderstood. According to Dr. Jita Ghosh, a biology teacher at Quarry Lane, “The myth about global warming” being a “natural thing” is false. Rather, “we are accelerating the process 100 fold.” So in attempts to outweigh the destruction we have caused, we must take steps forward and face the challenges. One small step we have already taken towards being more environmentally conscious includes sorting our waste properly. Dr. Ghosh also suggests that we can live an environmentally conscious lifestyle by planting several trees a year, recycling everything possible, carpooling to use less gasoline, walking or cycling to closer destinations, using less air conditioning or heat, and trying our utmost best to waste no food. 

As a friendly reminder, “In Dublin, CA, we can only recycle Paper, Cardboard, Glass bottles, Aluminum cans, and plastics types 1 and 2. We can compost all types of food, and paper soiled with food.” Everything else goes in the trash. This is an especially important habit to develop because as of January 2020, “all commercial companies” in California “making more than 4 cubic feet of waste, need to recycle and compost. Government Supervisors will come anytime and check our recycling and composting bins and will fine us if we are not complying to CA laws.” 

As mentioned, our school has already made tremendous strides towards being eco-friendly and as head of the Roots and Shoots club at Quarry Lane, Dr. Ghosh credits Quarry Lane for “being supportive and giving us all resources to be a green school.”  It is essential for not only the students of Quarry Lane but for all human beings as a planet to work towards improving our ecological conditions. Because not only will we benefit from our actions but so will the generations to come. “Every small step counts and we all together can dream of a carbon-neutral country. Developing countries like Bhutan are carbon-negative countries. If they can do it with limited resources, why can’t we?” 

Dr. Ghosh speaks of two individuals who are not only her role models as an active environmentalist but who are exemplary to us all. “As Greta Thunberg says, we need to Protect, Restore and Fund the companies that help protect our nature. Dr. Jane Goodall says that we should do 3 good things every day. One good thing for a fellow human being, one for an animal and one thing for our environment. We have been constantly using our natural resources without conserving the resources. It is time we all work together and protect our nature.” We live in this world as it is our own, and it is our job to care for it. We are at the beginning of mass extinction” and we “won’t be able to sustain our world unless we restore our planet.” At the end of the day, it is up to us as to whether we want to make the change or to let the matter of our lives simply pass by.

A special note to Dr. Ghosh: Thank you so much for all your help in leading our school through this lifestyle transformation. Not only are you an incredible teacher but you share necessary information through your daily actions. On behalf of all your students, we appreciate you for being the mentor we need in such a vast world. And lastly, thank you for allowing the journalism club to share your knowledge through this interview.

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