A Day Trip to Poplar Beach, Half-Moon Bay

Photo Credit: Anoushka Prashanth

As we continue deeper and deeper into the new school year, naturally, we get more involved in our academics, schoolwork, and extracurriculars. For many students, it can be hard to get some time away from the chaos of the daily grind. Taking a day trip to the beach may be the perfect solution when it’s not feasible to take a full-length vacation. Half-moon bay’s Poplar beach is the perfect place to relax and get closer to nature. It also allows dogs, so you can bring the whole family! Beautiful red-orange rock formations line the beach’s edge, and as you walk the trail down to the sand, you may notice the salty and refreshing sea breeze blowing in from the ocean. Look at the ground and you may find small shells, or, if you have a particularly keen eye, even some sea glass. The waves crash against the wet sand, leaving delicate, fast-dissolving sea foam behind. Beyond that, there is blue for miles. Be careful, however––the waves and currents are too dangerous to swim in, so if you want to swim, this beach may not be for you. A short walk from the beach is Half Moon Bay Downtown, which is a perfect place to grab something to eat or buy handmade souvenirs before heading home. The drive from Dublin CA is one and a half hours minimum with traffic, so be prepared for a long ride. All in all, Poplar beach is a great choice for a day trip to get away from the anxieties of the new school year and the work it brings. However, it may not be a great choice for those who want to swim, and the drive is often traffic-heavy.

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