Hoco 2019: What a Night!

On October 12th, Quarry Lane had its first homecoming dance in the foyer and gym. The theme appeared to be centered around cards. The school had a poker table where people could play blackjack with Mr. Nguyen. This seemed to be one of the favorites of this dance as many people crowded around the table waiting for a seat to play! Meanwhile, on the right side of the foyer, there was a photo booth and the bar. Student Council members were serving drinks to thirsty students and teachers with their own custom bar menu. One problem they seemed to have, however, was that they constantly ran out of supplies and soon had nothing left. On the left side of the foyer was the dinner and a couple of light snacks. The dinner was pasta and the light snacks were things such as cookies and candy. Half of the gym was designated for dancing with chemistry teacher Mr. Robles, who was the DJ. He was taking song requests and had his own little booth for his equipment. Many people were hanging out in the foyer during the beginning of homecoming but it seemed that more people began to dance as the night progressed on. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all came to the dance and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Well, 2019’s homecoming was an amazing night! The pictures say it all:

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