Celebrating ONE HUNDRED

*Written by Kanchan Naik, Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Roar

The Roar is excited to celebrate crossing the ‘one hundred articles’ mark! In honor of this milestone, Quarry Lane teachers have something to say:

Through its 100 articles, readers recognize that The Roar doesn’t shy away from heavy, difficult topics that can make the reader uncomfortable and feel-good pieces that wonderfully focus on the positives. The strength of the paper to follow the truth in stories is deeply moving and inspirational. The Roar is a true masterpiece. Here’s to 100 more!Ms. Shah

I’m thrilled that we have a school newspaper and that it has been so successful. The articles are interesting, well-written, and are about topics that are actually important. It’s inspiring to see a student-driven publication put together such high quality writing and come together as a team to turn their vision into a reality.Mr. Prine

I love the Roar. It is such a great way to learn more about what is important to our students. I love to see what my students are writing about. I also really like the variety of articles presented whether it is the arts, politics or memes of the month. Thanks to the Roar I have some idea of what is cool or not cool these days.Ms. Shannon Harrison

It is wonderful to know that we reached the first 100 articles mark for our much loved magazine.  The layout is very trendy and modern. I love the themes, most of them are related to our high school clientele. I see a lot of information in the magazine, but I never feel that it is overloaded with information and it includes the key information that readers like to learn about. I like the bold, unbiased and honest topics. Editors and writers, keep up your good work and I look forward to read more! – Ms. Ghosh

“The Roar has created a much-needed place where QLS students can share their thoughts, art and stories.  I have been impressed with the varied forms of expression present within its [digital] pages.  I hope that it will continue to remain part of QLS for another 1000 articles.”- Dr. Aranda

I think that the Roar is a well done magazine that is not only  enjoyable for the kids to read, but for the teachers as well. I love reading the interesting articles. I also like  that the articles  discuss different issues every time, so the variety of articles is really good. – Ms. Hakki

A Note From The Editor

O On a personal level, I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve hit such a significant milestone both as a club and as a publication. Standing on the precipice of one hundred articles is surreal — it’s almost dizzying to know that we’ve made it this far.  I had the privilege of becoming the junior editor for Quarry Lane’s Journalism Club as a sophomore. When I became the

N new Editor-in-Chief of “The Roar”, I wanted to use writing and other facets of creativity to capture the essence of student voice — a whirlwind of constantly shifting dynamics and backgrounds that are enmeshed within

E each of us. And while social media platforms may have provided a passing glimpse of this  identity, I knew we all

H had the potential to go far beyond that. By junior year, we formed a full-fledged team of writers, artists, editors, and more. Yet coming together was only the beginning. From there, we began

U updating our website with monthly issues that covered everything from book recommendations to bioethical dilemmas to our country’s broken education system.

Not only did we evolve as writers and artists, but as citizens of our own school. Contributing to The Roar made us all the more appreciative of Quarry Lane’s unique culture. We had the privilege of covering the annual Winter Arts Festival in December, as well as the honor of publishing a

D duo-lingual tribute to Spanish club’s benefit dinner and the Venezuelan economic crisis. This year,

Roar reporters walked the same stage as our models on Fashion Night, and performed alongside the Tri-M Music Honor Society at their 2nd annual concert.

Every issue that we’ve put together is a beautiful amalgamation of these experiences. I hope that our one hundred articles

Didn’t simply change us,  but that it changed you too. On behalf of my team, I’d like to thank everyone — our supportive teachers, administration, and student body — for making this junior’s dream come true. 

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