the Creative Media Club 2021-22

The 2021-2022 school year is almost over at the Quarry Lane school, and to commemorate that, we decided to highlight the clubs at Quarry Lane. We wanted to celebrate them for giving students a space for their interests and to express themselves. I conducted a brief interview with a sophomore, Prajanya Kannan, and she talked about the Creative Media Club. 

Note: This interview has been edited for clarity.

Saanvi: Would you like to explain what the Creative Media Club does?

Prajanya: Creative Media takes photos and videos and we cover different aspects of student life and learn different techniques.

Saanvi: That’s interesting. What have you guys done this year? Would you like to give a recap?

Prajanya: So for the first two weeks, we learned about photo-related techniques, and then after that, we took spirit photos, kindness week photos, fashion week photos, hackathon photos, Earth Day photos, individual projects where you created your own piece with graphic design, and some photos of our own club.

Saanvi: So it’s kind of like a photography club?

Prajanya: Yeah. 

Saanvi: What is your favorite part of the club?

Prajanya: My favorite part is uploading the pictures and editing them.

Saanvi: Who would you recommend the club to?

Prajanya: I would recommend the club to anyone who likes to snap photos, is interested in photo design, loves creative things, and wants a space to hang out!

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