The Creative Media Club Slideshow: 2021-2022

Creative Media Club 2021-22 School Year 384 KB View full-size Download

The skills of visual communication are more applicable than ever in today’s digital and social media based world. Thus, the Creative Media Club explores photography, photo editing, and videography in an exploratory, collaborative manner in which club members are all welcome to contribute to the team by introducing their own ideas or by adding on to pre-existing projects. Partnerships with other student-led groups at QLS, such as the Fashion and LearnTech clubs, consist of personalized highlights, videos, and magazines created for their respective events. CMC is looking forward to exploring more topics such as graphic design, typography, and layouting in the future! 

For a more detailed overview of club activities and projects, feel free to check out the 2021-22 Recap Interactive Slideshow here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to and!

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