The Surviving Ranch of Hurricane Ian

Hurricanes, but how to survive? Hurricane Ian is a major large-scale hurricane that obliterated many homes and cities, as it is a category 4 hurricane. Heavily affecting many families in Florida and cities near.. 120 lives were lost because of this natural disaster. Losing power in many places across Florida except Babcock Ranch. This ranch is known as America’s first solar-powered town, where electricity is produced by burning natural gas, a planet-warming fossil fuel at quite a high amount. The streets within this neighborhood have detailed planning and layout so houses don’t flood. Within this city, climate resilience was prioritized helping it from the disasters of hurricanes. Fort Myers located 12 miles northeast, tore to pieces when Hurricane Ian came through. However, the light and safety remained on Babcock ranch. Though there was mild damage within the city there were no significant wreckages that affected the overall climate. A few miles from the town’s center contains around 700,000 solar panels, as most of their infrastructure is underground. But who was the brain behind this intelligent creation? Syd Kitson is a professional football player who used to play for the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. He had a vision in his mind to have an innovative and eco-conscious neighborhood to be protected from natural disasters like Hurricane Ian. By putting it to work through careful planning he brought it to life. As an escape for others affected by Hurricane Ian, Babcock Neighborhood School became an official shelter, as solar arrays helped provide a source of light. Many people chose to move to Babcock Ranch because the safety benefits somewhat seem like a haven in all the chaos of the world. To help spread the safety of this creation, Kitson tries to help neighboring cities develop this solar-powered masterpiece protecting the lives of many. Achieving his goal as Hurricane Ian was the test to see if Babcock Ranch would survive this horrendous disaster.  Many residents believe this could help development with climate change, changing many cities. Unimaginable, a juxtaposition from all the disasters across Florida it seemed as if Babcock Ranch was in another world. 

Image from American Public Power Association- Solar Panels( Unsplash)

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