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  • The Roar’s City Collage
    The Roar’s procurement of beautiful City Life Scenery!
  • I Wish I Could Tell You…
    By Matthew Chu “My mom got me a cookie for lunch!” “Aww, lucky!” “We can share! I’ll break it in half for you!” “Really! Yay, thank you!” “You are the best friend ever; the best-est of the best…of the best” “We’ll never stop being friends.” “Yep. We’ll be friends forever and ever and ever.” — […]
  • capsule wardrobing for a week
    Okay, what even is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a concept often tied to sustainable fashion and minimalism, essentially a method to help reuse, reduce, and (not really recycle) our consumption of clothing and textiles. And, no, it’s not when clothes magically appear out of Ubiquitous acorn-shaped capsules for single use purposes like in the middle-grade […]
  • A Searing Burst of Fantastical Brilliance: A Review of Shadow & Bone
    Described as the next Game of Thrones with a magic system similar to Avatar the Last Airbender, Netflix’s Shadow & Bone is the beginning of an epic fantasy with multiple intricately woven plotlines and character arcs. The opening premise presents Alina Starkov, an ordinary mapmaker who serves alongside her best friend Mal in a war-torn […]
  • Ring In the New Year: 2021 Artwork