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  • Virtual Poetry Slam to Break Quarantine Monotony
    In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, people often feel trapped within their own homes, forced to confront the despair and the anxiety of a global pandemic on a day-to-day basis. Separated by facial masks and closed doors, we have to find ways to bring our community together. That’s why as Pleasanton’s Teen Poet Laureate, […]
  • The True Heroes
    The doctors and nurses that fight at the frontiers of this pandemic everyday deserve the due recognition and appreciation for their duty. With hospitals running out of medical supplies such as masks, these people risk their own lives and the lives of their families as they try to treat and attend to patients. They are […]
  • Holi – Color Your Vision
  • Skarizon Celebration
    Ska-hoy everyone! I’m Manthan and I’m back with yet another article. This time, I’m going to write about something very special to me – my band Skarizon. This month (in fact, as of when I’m writing this article, in a week) we celebrate a full year of being a band together! Everyone in the band […]
  • Quarantine: Adjusting To The New Normal
    Quarantine. People around the world continue with their daily activities from the confines of their home while protecting themselves from any exposure. The world goes one.