How Are Video Games Made?

Video Games at this time and age, are played by everyone spanning all ages. There are games made for all audiences. You like puzzles? Try Tetris. Puzzles boring? Add some action with first person shooters like Overwatch. Want something scary? How about Resident Evil. Video games span almost every genre possible. However, have you ever wondered how these games are made? How these games got to your computer at home? Well, this article would provide a brief introduction to the process of game making.

Planning A Game

Firstly, you need to have an idea of what game to make. The idea should be written down. Secondly, it is best to create an outline for what the game would include. This could be how many levels the game will have, how the story will progress, and/or what the player will do in the game.

Now that you have an idea for the game, you can start making it. There are currently many tools that can help you make games. These include Unity, Unreal, and Godot. All of these are great and powerful tools that people can write games in.

Unity Game Engine

Making the Game

Any game consists of 3 basic parts; Coding, Graphics, and Sound. The code written for a game is what makes the game a game. However, a game is rarely just code. Games need some sort of graphics for the player to see. This can come in 2d art or 3d models. To add some extra depth to the game, you can add some sound. The sound in a game is as important or even more important than the graphics since it conveys the feel and emotion of the scene. These three are simply the basic parts of any game. Depending on type of game, there may be more parts involved like story writing.

Releasing the game to the public

Let’s say that the game is done to your liking, now you want to distribute it among the masses. If you are not part of a big game studio like EA or Nintendo, getting your game out to people is usually pretty tricky. However, there are some wonderful sites like where you can publish your games and let other people play it.

Hopefully this article provided some insight regarding how games are made and brought to your computer.

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