Abortion: A Divided America

Women are half of the country and are perfectly capable of making their own choices. Women must be given rights that allow them to have complete control over their bodies. The recent laws passed in many countries have taken away that right. Abortion has been made illegal in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and Louisiana. Legalizing abortion is an essential step to equality. Women know what is best for themselves. 700 to 1000 women (approximation)die every year due to childbirth. Furthermore, victims of sexual harassment should be fostered with support rather than be forced to handle the pressure of childbirth. Children may also act as an obstacle to the woman’s career. Researchers found out that women with children are more likely to be unemployed than the others who do not have a child. Rules made by 25 men are now controlling the lives of women. There has been a lot of response to this. Hashtags such as pro-life generation have been trending for a long time. Celebrities too have played an active role too. They have encouraged such hashtags and campaigns by using their social media presence for a good cause. Celebrities like Billie Ellish, Selena Gomez and Rihanna have articulated their opinions about this issue strongly. We too can contribute by donating money to build abortion centers and can spread these movements

Disclaimer : The article facts are specific to the United States only. The opinions expressed in this publication are solely those of the author. The author does not intend to hurt the sentiments or beliefs of any individuals.

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