Club Spotlight – Speech and Debate

by Kanchan Krishna

Quarry Lane, in addition to its superb academics and strong athletics, is
also most prominently known for its countless achievements in speech and
debate. In general, speech and debate features multifarious events, including the following: Lincoln Douglas, parliamentary, policy, and public forum debate. For spontaneous speaking, international or national extemporaneous and impromptu speaking are among the most popular. Another category is the interpretation of literature, which includes the following events: dramatic, humorous, oratorical, thematic, and duo interpretations. There is also a student Congress event, which resembles the contemporaneous form.

At Quarry Lane, the students have the freedom to choose to participate
in these activities independently or with a partner as they travel to both local and national tournaments. These persistent speech and debaters have
endured both astounding wins and losses throughout their career.
Over the past couple of years, speech and debate has grown to be
more than just a club; it has evolved into a family. This activity has easily
become one of the strongest and most popular due to the amount that kids
learn by writing their own speeches or debating topics that have a direct
impact on our daily society. Speech and debate is one of the few activities
that allows anyone at Quarry Lane to have a direct voice concerning their
standpoints about everyday matters. You might want to consider joining, for many gain invaluable experience through active participation in speech and debate!

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