QLS Open House 2019

*Written by Kanchan Naik, Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Roar

Photo credits : Anjali Kalidindi

On November 3rd, Quarry Lane kicked off the first Open House of the school year with a bang! Held on a Sunday afternoon from 1 pm to 4, the event was an amazing experience for everyone included, from the students who showcased the various programs offered at this school to some very proud parents to the new, curious students. Collectively, we demonstrated a lovely diversity on so many levels. Our ESL community welcomed new international students and families who were impressed by our friendly environment. Teachers got in on the fun as well, with several manning the club booths in the foyer. History teacher and Model UN advisor Dr. Aranda mentioned:

“I think the Open Houses are a great way to reconnect with students that I haven’t seen in a while, and to show families why Quarry Lane is such a great school. I think we have a lot of experience in our teaching staff, and this is actually where we can convey [that].”

Meanwhile, lower school children got a taste of the years ahead, with first and second graders playing with the robots offered by our High School Robotics Group and talking game with members of our Speech and Debate Team. Our science programs got an opportunity to shine as well; Mr. Robles and his chemistry students enjoyed concocting nitrogen ice cream with visitors, while Dr. Pale presented some ssslithering, ssstealthy sssnakes! To find out more, we asked some parents what they thought about the event. Here is what a mother and her young son had to say:

“Every time, my son wants to come, because this is fun. The parents get an opportunity to further their bonds with existing teachers and meet some new teachers. This speaks a lot about building a community, and the activities are really a door-opener to strengthening that. “

Open House is not simply about attracting a larger audience. While the performances, presentations, and programs play a crucial role in educating new families and incoming students, the event is so much more. Ultimately, Quarry Lane’s Open Houses are a reminder of how far we have come — as students, as individuals, and as a school.

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