Tech News Recap

Late October proved to have a lot of news, with the announcement of new tech and news of VPNs being hacked. These are some of the major news:

NordVPN Hacked

On October 21st, NordVPN, a popular VPN service announced that they had been attacked a few months prior to the announcement. The company states that the attacker got access to an unused private key, allowing anyone with the key to set false NordVPN servers which people can connect to. While NordVPN claims to not have any logs on users, they do not know whether the attacker logged any information. This attack sheds doubt on the security of other VPN services as they, like NordVPN spent millions of dollars on advertisements claiming to be a safe, secure way of browsing the net.

Photo Credit: Android Central

Google Pixel 4, iPhone 11 Contender?

On October 24th, Google announced the Pixel 4. The Pixel 4 has quite a few upgrades compared to the previous generation with the inclusion of a larger 90hz refresh rate screen and a major redesign. This phone features a sleeker design, getting rid of the Pixel’s 3 utilitarian style and fingerprint sensor. The main point about the Pixel 4 is the camera. With the addition of a 16mp telephoto camera and the Pixel Neural Core, the Pixel 4 takes wonderful pictures compared to its competitors. The image comparisons can be seen on PcMag’s review.

Photo Credit:

Apple’s Secret Launch

On October 28th, Apple made a surprise announcement of the Airpods pro. These airpods feature a few new upgrades. Firstly, they feature silicone ear tips which forms a better seal around the ears. This feature would improve sound quality and grip of the airpods. Secondly, the airpods feature three noise control modes: Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Off. Active Noise Cancellation uses the attached microphones on the airpods to cancel out external noise. Transparency Mode, uses the attached microphones to play back external noise so you can both listen to music and your environment. Off mode simply turns off these features lets the airpods act like any other earpod.

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