The More, The Merrier: QLS Teachers Host Diwali Celebration

Photo Credit: Anjali Kalidindi

Diwali video: check out how our staff chose to celebrate this holiday!

Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights that is celebrated all over India. Every year, over the course of a few days ranging from late October to early November, families all over the world rejoice the return of love, happiness, and prosperity. The overarching purpose of this holiday is to honor the bravery Rama, the King of Ayodhya upon his return from a 14-year exile. After defeating Ravana, the evil King of Sri Lanka and rescuing his wife, Sita, Lord Rama is said to have returned to his home, lighting the way for his subjects upon his arrival. Although this is the underlying belief of celebrating Diwali, there are many reasons for which people revel every year. Diwali is primarily celebrated by Hindus but also by Sikhs and Jains. Every part of India worships different celestial beings and for all different reasons. This religious practice has been extended to a worldwide celebration that we enjoyed here at QLS this past month. 

The events of the celebration were primarily organized by Ms. Ekta Shah, Dr. Jita Ghosh, Ms. Jyoti Hoskere, and Mr. Jag Bagri who were eager to bring awareness about their culture to the QLS Community. Some of the various events that took place included a faculty lunch meeting filled with an assortment of Indian dishes. The staff was also provided with traditional Indian attire for the day including the kurta and the saree for women. 

It is important to celebrate Diwali at QLS because as an international school we must acknowledge other ethnicities and allow them to embrace their cultures. Next year we hope to extend the celebration further towards the students of quarry lane. As we grow into a global community, we have learned to celebrate other people and comprehend their beliefs. 
On behalf of the school, Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to universality!

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