Warriors Home Game: A Review

On November 11th, I went to go watch the Warriors game. This was the first time I went to a Warriors game at the Chase Center. As soon as I got outside the building I noticed a difference. The front entrance was wider and more spacious. They had a large shot of the lush green viewing area on a giant screen where people could stand outside and watch the game. I decided to enter from the back entrance. The back entrance was rather nice as well. It had a good view of the water and I got a good photo of some art that was made there as well. Doors into the Chase Center open about an hour and 30 minutes before the game actually starts.

Photo Credit: Elliot Tong

Upon entering I noticed that it was more spacious and had a lot of room. Compared to Oracle Arena, the Chase Center was bigger, more modern, and had more technology. In the stadium, they have a variety of food choices. Some were better than others, however. I tried a ‘burgerdog’ and a garlic shrimp noodle. The burgerdog was alright but it just tasted like a normal burger in a different shape. I found the garlic shrimp noodles to be a bit too salty as well. Walking around, the stadium was wider and way bigger than Oracle Arena. The screen above the court was huge and had a whole ton of stats on the players. I sat in the United Lounge area to eat and wait for the game to start. To the right of this lounge was an open area that had the championship banners. I plan on going to more games and give more details as I familiarize myself with this new stadium. Go Warriors!

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