A Bang For Your Buck: Christmas Edition


Thanksgiving has passed and so has Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Does this mean that you can’t get good deals on Christmas gifts on Amazon? No, Amazon is just getting started with its holiday deals. As of writing (12/4/19), most Amazon deals relate to tech, but there are also some relating to toys.Firstly, Amazon has deals on its many Echo devices. If you ever wanted to give an amazon assistant to anybody you know, you can. Many of these devices also come bundled with other items, like the ring doorbell camera for ($179) or the Amazon Fire TV stick ($59.98). So you anyone needs some of these items, you can just buy one of the bundles and surprise them with an Amazon assistant


Do you or anyone you know want a new speaker or headphones? Well Amazon also got you covered with many deals on speakers and headsets. Most of these items are originally $300-400 but after the sale, they become between $200-300. These can serve as a decent high-end gift for anybody.


Want some less techy options? There are plenty of Lego sets on sale as well. These range from Lego Duplo sets to regular Lego sets. They should fit any audience since it has themes from Lego City to Lego Harry Potter and Lego Star Wars. With most kits costing less than $50, these can form perfect gifts for friends and family.

Finally, there are a few art-related options like the Arteza brush pens for $18.49 or color pencils for $21.99.

These are some of the deals Amazon has as of writing. There are definitely more deals as Christmas gets closer and I recommend you to check those out on Amazon then.

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