Club Spotlight – Kids Against Hunger

By : Malavika Raghuram

The Kids Against Hunger club has been off to a great start from its beginnings, little over 2 months ago. Thank you to their mentor, Ms. Stephenson, club officers, secretary Jaedel Leon and fundraising coordinator Alexa Mazaoros, and all other club members for their contribution. 

The goal and purpose for this club is to raise awareness and money for the Kids Against Hunger, a non-profit organization, for club members to pack food for impoverished children all around the world. 

Although kids against hunger is a new emerging club at Quarry Lane, in recent months, they have worked hard to raise money to feed impoverished children across the world. They have been selling doughnuts, stickers, scrunchies, and coffee around school to raise funds to feed children. They have also hosted a fundraising event at Amici’s Pizzeria on October 8th to represent giving night where the funds will directly go to the Kids Against Hunger club. All of the money from the fundraising efforts went to the cost of the fee to pack nutrimental food at the KAH facilities and for future donations and packing events. An upcoming fundraising idea is to connect with T4 and host a giving night in order to fundraise money and continue their efforts at these KAH packing events. 

The Kids Against Hunger, recently had two great packing events in which they packed over nine thousand meals for the struggling residents in the Bahamas. The KAH club represents Quarry Lane’s strong desire to help not only our community, but our world as a whole. As the KAH Cougars continue to provide food for the impoverished, they help save lives through their volunteering with the Kids Against Hunger non-profit organization. They hope to continue their efforts as they strive to continue packing meals for those in need!

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