Five Fashionable Fads of 2019

By: Sonali Mudunuri

Animal Print! This year, fashion went wild. Celebrities and influencers alike were seen in bright animal print, especially leopard print. This bright print was amplified with hues of bright orange, or muted with accents of soft tan. Animal print was featured on coats, skirts, pants, and tops — some of which were worn all together to make a statement. For more lowkey looks, animal print accessories like bags or headbands were often used to add a pop of excitement to an otherwise basic outfit. 

Utility Wear! Those who didn’t want to be so flashy pioneered a new trend: boilersuits. In a more masculine take on fashion, people began taking the traditional utility jumpsuit (previously used in manual labor for functional purposes) to a more stylish level. These suits can be worn in traditional neutral colors, such as the ever-popular olive, or classic cream, but look amazing in brilliant blue or fuschia as well! They are often paired with comfortable sneakers or chunky black boots (such as the ever-popular Dr. Martens) for a put together, yet relaxed look. 

Plaid & Tartan! In another bold trend, plaid print began rising in popularity. This traditionally Scottish print once went out of style because it was considered boring and dull; however, this 2019 take is anything but that. Trendsetters took the classic idea of plaid, and decided to revitalize it into a completely new concept, transforming it from a safe, casual print into one far more eye-catching. Vivid tartan print in rich colors such as green, blue, and red, have graced catwalks and streets alike in the form of blazers, tops, and structured pants. 

Retro! Perhaps one of the more youth-focused trends, the new 80s and 90s fashion revival is one that bleeds through all popular culture today. From oversized jackets to colorful socks to scrunchies, it’s clear that today’s teenagers are looking to the past for their inspiration. This trend is one of the more sustainable ones — with more and more of us turning to thrift stores or secondhand shopping sites, this vintage fad helps to combat fast fashion and support the recycling of garments. 

Another one of the notable fads from this year was the rise of satin midi skirts and long dresses. Fashionistas intent on making a statement while still feeling free and unrestricted turned to the ever popular satin midi skirt, which can be dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a blouse. In contrast to the more menswear inspired looks of the year, the satin trend (which featured prints like florals or polka dots) leaned heavily into femininity and emphasized grace while also being an incredibly comfortable option.

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