Seven things to do during the Holiday Season

One. Visit Union Square in San Francisco.
Arguably San Francisco’s most festive place, Union Square boasts a enormous outdoor Christmas tree decked with yards and yards of string lights. Don’t forget to bring your skates to skate under the stars on the outdoor skating rink! The annual tree lighting takes place on November Twenty-Ninth at 6 pm, and lights will be on through December.

Two. Read A Christmas Carol.
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is a must read classic for the holiday season. It captures the spirit of the holidays beautifully, telling the story of a miserly old man who regains his love for the holidays through a series of ghostly journeys. 

Three. Watch holiday movies.
No winter is complete without popcorn, hot chocolate, and holiday movies! Put on old favorites like The Grinch, or watch new releases like Last Christmas, a 2019 holiday rom-com. 

Four. Make Yourself a Peppermint Mocha or Hot Chocolate. 
Hot chocolate seems to be the staple drink of the holiday season, along with apple cider and egg nog. Here’s how to make an amazing peppermint mocha or hot chocolate. 

  1. Microwave a glass of milk or non-dairy substitute such as soy milk for one minute or until the temperature you desire. 
  2. Throw in 2 tbsp. chocolate chunks and crushed peppermint and stir to distribute the melted chocolate and peppermint flavour evenly. 
  3. Microwave again for 30 seconds to one minute if chocolate is not melting.
  4. Enjoy!

Five. Tour the Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Hotel. 
The Fairmont Hotel is one of the most festive in San Francisco. During the holiday season, its lobby features a life size gingerbread house with sparkling lights and tons of candy and dimensions of 25 feet high, 35 feet wide, and 10 feet deep. 
Six.  Go to the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker.
The San Francisco Ballet’s The Nutcraker is a must-watch holiday season performance with beautiful dances and amazing sets, telling the story of a young girl and her journey through a fantastical land with a nutcraker-prince. Performances take place annually in December at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco.  

Seven. Ride the “Train of Lights” in Niles. 
The Train of Lights is an annual attraction that offers a nighttime experience of riding through Niles Canyon. The train departs from Chistmassy small town Niles in historical train cars decked out with holiday decorations. 

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