‘Tis the Season For A Winter Arts Festival!

This past semester, Quarry Lane hosted its annual Winter Arts Festival. While we are well known for our progress in the STEM subjects, we also emphasize the importance of self-expression through the arts. Here at QLS, we held a dedicated day, December 13th, to celebrate our artistic talents with various performances by the school clubs and electives. While the band played under Dr. Lidell’s musical instruction, the dance elective performed a ballet adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream along with their personal creations. We also had performances by the Highschool Dance Club and Theater Arts. Accompanying the display of talent, our school also featured various activities for students to choose and participate in. Teachers were able to share their skills in areas outside of the academic ground and even demonstrate their latent talents. Some exhibits included Dr. Ghosh’s Jewlery Making Session and Mr. Robles’s beat-making workshop. As a school, it is vital that we continue to hold our Winter Arts Festival not just for the purpose of showcasing the work of our art program, but for the well-being of the students. While many are engrossed in academically rigorous courses, it is crucial to maintain a balance between school and that which they enjoy. By holding events such as the Winter Arts Festival we allow room for the development of dedication, devotion, and desire, which ultimately also benefits the students with their schoolwork.  We would like to thank the staff, faculty members, and students who helped to organize this event and we look forward to further expanding and implementing the Winter Arts Festival next school year. 

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