Cougars With Heart: Kindness Week 2020

What does it mean to be kind? While many have tried to create a definition for this term. However, one may not realize that everyone has their meaning for kindness based on their experiences and desires. 

This past week at Quarry Lane, we celebrated our annual Derin C. Arac Kindness Week. The students and staff participated in various activities including a school-wide assembly, packing hygiene supplies for donations, and a puzzle for display. The highlight included continuing the Kindness dance, a new tradition that started just last year but will remain for many more. This dance routine is one that is performed every year by schools in as many as 50 countries such as Singapore, Colombia, and Australia. Our school has been practicing this dance weekly for over a month now, all leading up to the performance on February 14th, Valentine Friday. From Junior Kindergarten to the Highschool Seniors, our school danced in unison while being filmed by a drone overhead.

Kindness, as it has been established, means something to everyone. Yet, people often forget that along with being kind to others, it is also important to be kind to yourself. And here at Quarry Lane, we try to emphasize maintaining that harmony. By performing the kindness dance, we extend the meaning of this phrase past the lyrics of the song and straight to our hearts. Because without standing for what we believe in, we can never support anyone else.

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