COVID-19’s Impact on Technology

The current coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact on technology and can greatly disrupt current technological developments. The initial shutdown of electronics factories in China already lead to a great slowdown in production for many tech companies, leading to weeks and even months of delay before the product can be put onto shelves in stores around the world. However as the virus spread around the world, the impact of coronavirus has greatly increased. 

With the quarantine and travel restrictions in many countries around the world, many major tech events like Computex and E3 have been postponed. Computex and E3 are big international events where hardware and software companies meet to tell the world about upcoming projects and devices. Other smaller events are also affected like nvidia’s GTC, an event where Nvidia is expected to launch their new graphics cards. This means that upcoming devices might be postponed for at least half a ye, assuming the manufacturing supply chain can catch up.

So how does this affect the normal consumer like you and I? Well there is the obvious effect of delaying the arrival of the latest technology like iPhones or tablets. However, it will also mean that other electronics ranging from computer components to laptops and other small electronics may not be on the shelves for long as manufacturers are not able to keep up with the demand. Most of our electronics in some ways come from China, which means there is a great chance that it may become scarce as people buy them but the stores can’t stock them.

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