Bill Gates – A Conspiracy Theory

*Disclaimer: The Roar would like to highlight that the following opinions are not factually grounded and are not held by the writers or the The Roar Editorial Team as a whole.

Recently, some of the people are abusing Bill Gates on the internet. But why?

Bill Gates founded the gates foundation in 2001 to focus on world health. For two decades, the Gates family has championed global health.

In a 2015 speech, Gates said:

“If something kills more than 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s probably a highly contagious virus, not a war.”

He also noted that the virus could be highly contagious, less lethal, easy to spread but difficult to kill.

Do you look familiar with a novel coronavirus?

In October 2019, the Gates Foundation organized a seminar on the topic of “global pandemic simulation of novel coronavirus”!

The panel gathered health experts from more than a dozen countries around the world. Against the background was a novel coronavirus called CAPS. The virus, which began as a cold, developed into pneumonia and spread worldwide, with the number of cases rising to one million in three months.

And in the course of the plague, there will be disinformation and global stock market crash:

And governments are taking unprecedented steps to fight epidemics and economic crises (such as unlimited QE?). :

The conference concluded that we are not doing enough to combat the real threat of infectious diseases.

Looking back on that 2019 seminar, it’s a preview of a real-life outbreak of novel coronavirus.

In our view, Gates did have a vision and is a responsible social activist. The 2019 session was seen as a divine prophecy, but it was sadly missed, leading to a new wave in 2020.

But to Americans, it means something else entirely.

They think Bill Gates was so accurate because he invented the virus!

Conspiracy theorists believe that Bill Gates has both the ability to invent viruses and the motivation to spread them!

What’s the motivation?

The motive was that Gates wanted to eliminate more than a billion people through vaccines to achieve his ulterior motive.

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