College Advice From A QLS Senior

As a senior who has just finished college application and gone through college decision releases, there are some tips that I come up with that may help future applicants.First, start college research as early as possible. The more research you did, the better you can write on Why College essays. In the first semester of 12th grade, lots of school work, standardized tests, and college essays will add intense pressure on you, so it’s always a good idea to research colleges earlier and take notes for future reference.Secondly, the college selection process is very important. If you don’t like a school to the bottom of your heart, don’t apply it. Studying in a college that you like for four years can make you happy and increase your efficiency.Also, when writing Why College essays, try to avoid writing too many things that don’t belong to the school. For example, if you write a Why College essay for a university in New York, don’t spend half of your essay talking about how New York is a good place for internships. Try to focus more on the college itself. Research some programs or activities in the college that you like very much and write the essay by connecting those things to your own experience.  Finally, waiting for college decisions can be very stressful; however, you should keep in mind that eventually, you will go to a college that you are satisfied with. Thus don’t be too sad when a college rejects you. The best is yet to come!

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