2020 Woes: Maybe It’s All In Retrograde?

We all know that setting goals for ourselves and expecting a positive outcome without procrastinating, is not always one hundred percent there for us. Let us take these next couple of months to take a deep breath and focus on accomplishing those goals. As if 2020 is not exasperating enough, we are in the Mars 2020 retrograde and here is a guide for everything you should know about. 

First, let’s talk about what it really means when a planet goes retrograde, and how it may affect us. In Latin, the word retrograde comes from the word ‘retogradus’, which means backward spin. This does not mean that the planet physically starts moving backwards. However, it creates an illusion of appearing that way to us, when our point on Earth aligns with the planet’s orbit. Think of it as if you are in a car, and see another car that is moving in the same direction in the other lane. As you pass it, the car appears as if it is moving backwards for just a split second. However, as you get further ahead, you can see it is still moving in the same direction. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all go retrograde. However, each planet has a different pattern and cycle for when they do. For example, Jupiter goes retrograde once every year for about four months. While, Mars retrograde occurs once every two years for about two months. Mars retrograde begins September ninth, and ends on November thirteenth. Mars, also known as the warrior planet, is the planet that allows us to take direction and become ambitious. However, during this period, all zodiac signs are going to struggle with taking charge rather becoming more frustrated with themselves. Throughout this article, you will learn how the Mars 2020 retrograde will affect the zodiac signs, and ways you yourself can overcome these challenging obstacles that you may face during these next couple of months.

Aries will have the most difficult time adjusting because this year, Mars is retrograding in this sign. Aries, let go and express your feelings, rather than bottling them up, making you more frustrated with yourself. If you do not feel like talking to someone, write them down in a journal, book, or any digital device you may have. Do not let your feelings control you these next couple of months, and you will start to see a clearer image of who you are and what you want. Taurus and Cancers have similar views during this retrograde, of trying to force out productivity and rushing to achieve career and educational goals. Take a deep breath, and be patient with your work, social life, and with yourself. Go on a walk, read a book, and take this time to work on yourself and with this, this transit can put you up for success in the future. 

To the Geminis and Virgos, this retrograde will allow you to interact with your social life, that may cause you to become closer with friends or your loved ones. You might find yourself reconnecting with friends from the past, that you may want to reach out too. Do not be scared to do so, as communicating and opening up may be helpful for yourself and the friendship. 

Frustration and doubts arise on all zodiac signs differently during this retrograde. However, Leos, Libras, and Scorpios have a tendency to let it out on the wrong people, and at the wrong times. If you feel unmotivated by something, do not let that get in your head, and believe that you are feeling lazy or sluggish. Do not be so hard on yourself, and take this time to focus on self care. Meditate, do yoga, listen to your favorite artist, and catch up on your sleep. Once you do this, you will see how clear and aligned everything will become in your path after a couple of months. 

Lastly to the four signs left, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, and Capricorn, during this time you may feel a heavy wave of emotions hitting you all at once. However, this does not mean that you need to distract yourself from these feelings. Instead, find yourself into the person you want to become, because you never know what positive outcome it might have for you in the future. You may be feeling angry with long term goals that have been set, so instead work on some short term ones. For example, if you are a student a goal may be to get a certain grade on an upcoming test. You will never know what long term goals you may achieve, if you do not start off small now. 

After reading how each sign is affected by the Mars 2020 retrograde, it will affect our intuitions, emotions, relationships, and personality the most. Especially during this time with the Coronavirus and the endless amount of stress that everyone is feeling, one positive perspective to look at this is to remind ourselves of the healthy ways we can grow to strive to become the best version of ourselves.  Use this guide to take these next couple of months to focus on you, and how you can overcome any obstacle that you may be facing right now. Without trying, we would be clueless as to who we might become, and what we are capable of accomplishing.

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