Nvidia Launch: Tech Amid a Pandemic

The RTX3080, Source: Nvidia.com

The hype for Nvidia’s new Ampere GPUs are at an all time high. Charts shown by Nvidia at their launch event show a greater than 80% increase in performance over the previous generation Turing GPUs. This is the biggest generational leap in Nvidia’s history. The next closest leap was the jump from Maxwell to Pascal four years ago.

Ampere’s lineup specs, Source: Nvidia.com
Ampere’s performance in game titles between generations, Source: Nvidia.com

Their top graphics card, the rtx3090 is the ultimate Nvidia graphics card in the lineup so far, with a hefty price tag of $1500, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang claims that it is capable of playing games at a whopping 8k resolution. The behemoth of a card comes with over ten thousand CUDA cores and a monstrous 24 gigabytes of GDDR6X Vram. The rtx 3080 will have 8706 CUDA cores with 10 gigabytes of GDDR6X Vram and the rtx 3070 will have 5888 CUDA cores with 8 gigabytes of GDDR6 non-X Vram.According to Nvidia, the performance of the new $500 rtx3070 is equivalent in performance to the previous generation $1200 rtx2080ti while the $700 rtx3080 is even faster at a supposed 30-40 percent better performance than the rtx2080ti. This jump in price per performance is insane and should certainly intrigue anybody looking to upgrade their old computer.With great performance comes great power draw with the top rtx3090 drawing up to 350 watts and the rtx3080 drawing 320. This means that when upgrading to these cards, you will need a pretty hefty power supply. However, the rtx3070 does draw a more modest 220 watts.

How air flows through Nvidia’s new cooler, Source: Nvidia.com

All this power needs to be dissipated and Nvidia’s solution is to create a very unique cooler and PCB design where the PCB is cut in a V shape to allow one fan to push air through the GPU itself onto the top of the case. With Nvidia’s very impressive launch of their new Ampere generation GPUs we can now sit and wait to see what AMD has in store with their Big Navi announcement on October 28th. 

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