Members Needed! Clubs During Quarantine

*Written by Kanchan Naik, Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Roar

Looking for student organizations to join, but unsure of where to start? Here are some of Quarry Lane’s clubs looking for new members!

Glimpse of the Past

Glimpse of the Past is a mix of history and writing, and our objective is to preserve the unique experiences of older generations. Specifically, we will interview a diverse array of people–family and friends, immigrants and veterans, Americans and internationals – so that they can share their life stories. The Club will gather those stories into an online archive, which will serve as a platform for inter-generational exchange through multimedia storytelling, guest speakers, and community engagement. If you are interested in joining, email at, or

QLS Yearbook

Quarry Lane’s beloved Yearbook club has noticed an alarming number of high school senior who have not contributed their senior portraits, or responded to any surveys. Although this year has certainly changed some of our classic senior traditions, a high-quality, memorable yearbook is perhaps one of the few things we can salvage. To learn more about how to take your senior portrait, please learn more about Creative Imaging and/or contact Ms. Cynthia at

The Gypsum Review

Founded in 2020, The Gypsum Review is Quarry Lane’s very first student-run Literary Magazine. Our mission is to spread a love for the written word and build a community that supports, shares, and celebrates artistic/creative expression. We are dedicated to publishing poetry, prose, plays, photography, multimedia, and more. Our monthly meetings will be held in Mr. Hennigar’s Zoom room, where we’d love to learn more about you and your work. We want to be a home for your daring, impassioned, and experimental art. We promise to handle it with care.

If you’re interested in contributing to The Gypsum Review, please contact: 

Editor-in-Chief: Kanchan Naik (

Advisor: Matthew Hennigar (

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