How is Christmas expected to look in 2020

In all the predictions of events taking place in 2020, the question of Santa Claus brought us to a bump in a tradition that was able to continue as yet manageable. With the pandemic taking a strong toll on public lives, there was expected if not bound to have been some change in the customary way of conducting the gift distribution.

A legend, the modern Santa Claus is a common figure in Western Christian Culture based on Saint Nicholas, a Greek bishop from the 4th Century. Children all over the United States and in fact the entire world, are told of a magical and mysterious being who gives the well-behaved or “nice” presents over those who make “naughty” choices. The concept of Santa Claus has expanded beyond its once religious context into a sensational event as part of the month of December. Apart from the Winter break students receive, the idea of a Holiday Season dominates the latter part of December and early January when extended to New Years’. 

In his typical depiction as an elderly overweight male, he would not only be part of a group more susceptible to the virus but also could easily dispense COVID unintentionally by traveling across the world. To the predicament of Santa Claus’s ability to complete the task, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, suggested Santa Claus would in fact be able to continue coming to town for all of those who believe. There lies a discrepancy: while some sources suggest that Claus maintains “innate immunity,” or his steady supply of COVID-19 Vaccines for which he receives priority after being Kris Kringle. Fauci himself mentions Santa as an exception to acquiring the virus while also claiming to have vaccinated Santa Claus himself. Nevertheless, the mysterious joy around the jolly soul of the open sleigh prevailed through the drastic events of 2020 and has brought not only the children but those who believe in the spirit of love and giving back during this Christmas time. Google’s tracker of Santa’s worldwide progress still made its reappearance after the confirmation of his journey. With that said, Happy Holidays and best wishes through our efforts of developing a safer world in 2021. 

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