House of Cards

pick up your path. whispers of power; set the foundations

journeys begin – no destination. yet those continue

haplessly exploring

the beginning is past, the end is nowhere

stuck in the middle, and risk life for unknowns

success relative to the mind, fortunes illusive to ambition

fly and plunge / above and below

watch others rise and watch them fall

plummet through clouds; back to the ground

it’s your turn now. one step up the cliff

hesitation once, you won’t be missed

towering above, the rocks are fragile

there is only failure; yet fate is a fickle thing

challenge destiny for high risk and high reward

things submerged in mist; uncertainties

tempo of oscillation rings in the air

to depart or to stay – in the base laid down

perhaps eons ago

has it fallen, does it still stand?

sway in the wind / venture away

where do you go and where do you remain

float on thoughts; forever in between

nature omnipresent, places beyond imagination

human constructs worn

through fire, rain, and snow

a wrong step and everything collapses.

start again or not; time fades backward

some flip the coin to start and end again

their run is gone – it does not clear

heed the call in song

astute in the mind; yet sometimes not

when wrong is right

storms abound / the night is long

opportunity invaluable; gone to never return

one gives up & one persists

keep looking

the end, not near.

Photo Sapphire haze (by Alessio Soggetti) / Unsplash

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