Halloween Tragedy in South Korea

For many, Halloween night in Seoul, South Korea, was supposed to be fun after two years of cooping up inside. However, for the over 100,000 people in the famous clubbing district of Itaewon, the night was a tragedy that will never be forgotten. Thousands of people piled into the narrow alleys of Itaewon; of those thousands, 150 were lost in what is known as a crowd crush. With waves of people entering from both directions, many were stampeded over, thus losing oxygen and eventually going into cardiac arrest. The night went on as dead bodies in costumes lined the streets. Survivors of the wreck noted how surreal it looked as emergency services desperately perform CPR on people covered in glittery costumes. Authorities attempted to perform damage control, but it was too late; all police services could do was identify the 150 people who had died that night. South Korea has set a state of emergency and looks toward the future to develop better crowd control methods. 

Photo from istockphoto

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