Growing Pecks on the Green Field 

Geese in Lake Merced taken by Prajanya Kannan

On the sunny mornings

As the breeze carries our strides

The colors of black and white wings

Seek the cool tides.

There are a lot of noises

Many characters involved

With far diverse voices

Destruction seems dissolved.

Clear, hard things stuck on the grass,

Too big to fit our mouths

Tasting like toxic brass

Maybe, it’s the industries’ wrath!

Nonetheless, we shed our poop

Only for humans to comment on

We use our beaks to peck at and swoop

As a call to clean nature’s lawn

As we try to munch on aquatic plants in the water bodies

We see more hard things but some end up in our direction 

We don’t need one word “sorry”s

As much as a proper restoration!

As we swim through the waters,

Humans fish hard for us,

However, after eating, plastic inside their bodies shatters,

Karma is a plus!

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