love, mia

dear diary,

i found a new place today. i laid on the bed with mommy, looking everywhere. the grey walls were so smooth…not a blemish in sight. i looked up and saw four bright circles lighting up the whole room. what were those? people in teal clothes and white hats walked all around the space, talking to my mom and pressing buttons on beep-y things. someone gave me a white blanket with blue and pink footprints on it. my favorites were the pink ones. 

i discovered another new place today! well…actually, i found a million new places. first, mommy brought me to this thing that moved if she turned a wheel in front of her. i sat in the seat behind my mom and stared out the window. everything that zoomed past us entranced me and i couldn’t dare to blink. there were other things that moved; apparently, they moved on four other wheels that were under me! i saw this black and white moving thing with red and blue lights zip past, other people holding these colorful bubbles attached to string outside a house, shiny signs with words that flashed, and so much more.

when we stopped at a place my mom called “home,” she took me out of the car (yes, that’s what the moving thing i was in is called!) and brought me inside. my brother and two sisters were waiting for me and they kept asking mommy “what is her name?”

what is my name?

i heard mommy and daddy discussing this back in the grey room, and i wish i could talk. why do they get to decide? i wanna decide! i heard names like malia and maya, but those didn’t seem right. i hoped they would choose a good name. then they told me.

my name is mia.

♡, mia


dear diary, 

candy. is. the. best. thing. ever! i mean, like…ahhhhhh. how have i been eating mashed sweet potatoes when things like this exist?

anyways…i also discovered something called tv. daddy would press a red button, and a black rectangle would light up with a whole rainbow of colors. he would click different squares on the tv and different sounds and characters would appear. my favorite one was called peppa pig. cocomelon was also really fun because i would do the “heads, shoulders, knees, and toes” dance with my brother!

my favorite thing to do is to draw with my sister. on christmas, mommy gave me paint sticks, and from day one, they immediately enthralled me for hours. i drew so many drawings every day and gave mommy all of them. she would put them on the wall and everyone would look at them and give me hugs. i love hugs!

♡, mia


dear diary,

mommy and daddy aren’t always home anymore. they say they have to “go to work,” whatever that means. why haven’t they had to “go to work” before?

my brother said that they have always gone to work, just from their computers at home. computers look like mini tvs! i wish i could watch tv all day like they do. apparently, they weren’t allowed to go to work because people were sick. my brother said the sickness was called covid-19. that’s a funny name.

over time, i got used to mommy and daddy going to work. they would always be back so we could all eat dinner! while they were gone, i would draw and play games with my sister. my favorite game was called “doctor.” i would pretend to be the doctor, and my sister would be sick! sometimes she had covid-19 so i had to feed her medicine, while other times i had to do “surgery.” (aka pretending to cut off her arms…hehe)

we also sometimes went to restaurants! i love going to restaurants because i get to sit in my own big-girl-chair! but, the best part is that i got to drink juice boxes! the rest of my family were stuck with water, but since i am special, i got a juice box! sometimes they would try to get me to drink water, but then i would cry and embarrass them in front of everyone else at the restaurant. then they would always shake their head, sigh, and have no other choice but to give me a juice box!

ha ha ha

♡, mia


dear diary,

12 little muffins in the bakery shop

12 little muffins with some sugar on top

along came penny pig,

and he took one…and he rannnnnnnnnn

11 little muffins in the bakery shop…


school is an interesting thing. i hate being away from mommy, daddy, and my brother and sisters. there are so many new faces, so i stick to my teachers side. however, i love music time because we get to learn new songs, like the twelve little muffins song! i always sing the loudest in class.

after some time, i got used to the other faces. i made friends with everyone…all except for lincoln. he’s so annoyinggggg! 

anyways…back to the topic of learning songs. it was really fun to learn songs, teach them to my sister when i got home, and then perform to everyone else once they got home. they would all applaud and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

i love feeling warm and fuzzy.

♡, mia


Photo by Joanna Kosinska – Unsplash

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