The Essence of Expressions 

In the autumn lie the seeds scattered,
The lively leaves disperse themselves through the winds,
And supportive bees pollinate the flowers bred,
Simultaneously, a human life touches the face of the earth.
The baby, like the seeds, takes the strides once learned.

In the spring, the seeds grow into a flower,
As the hands of the human wave shape the direction of dancing daffodil
The instrumentals of the wind give the living passionate power
This time, the body glides on the field that is fruitful
There is a lot of youthful energy and bright color

The bleak winter blizzards rush towards the west,
Wildlife seems to be shattered,
The storm rushes from the east,
The moody monsoon has the living burdened

However, the imprints of us are woven into creatures,
The warmth comes after one breaks the silent shell
The tapping toes and sappy smile to the rhythm makes us survive the solid statures.
The facial expressions of righteousness ring the bold bell!

Photo by Ethan Smith on Unsplash

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