Celebrating Kindness Week in QLS

Through the hallways of QLS, we can observe the smiling faces, popping dance movements, and energizing vibe of the students and staff. In addition, the doorways are adorned with vibrant decorations, students dressed in red and white attire, vast book donation boxes, and vivid posters promoting kindness. Our school has sports teams, academic departments, two spacious campuses, and sparkling hallways. It is hard not to be captivated by the colors that embody QLS Kindness Week, but Kindness Week at Quarry Lane is more than just a celebration of a good-hearted spirit. It reflects the legacy of Dr. Arac’s son, Derin, who was known for his kindness toward everyone. 

I found myself curious about the origins of this special week and what it represents beyond the surface-level festivities. According to the National Day Calendar, Random Acts of Kindness Week is observed around February 17th to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness. Psychologists define kindness as an act that benefits others and promotes positive energy within oneself. Kind acts include giving a card, helping a coworker or a stranger, complimenting someone, volunteering, starting a charity drive, and caring for the Earth. World Kindness Day, which began in 1997, celebrates kindness as an excellent virtue that transcends personal gain. The World Kindness Movement held its inaugural conference in Tokyo, Japan, and several countries, including the UK, Australia, France, Singapore, and the US, followed suit.

During Kindness Week at our school, we participate in spirit week activities and assemblies that delve deeper into the concept of kindness. One inspiring example was a four-year-old sharing food with a homeless person. Cougars also contributed to the African Library Project. This fantastic initiative allows us to donate books to African schools, providing educational opportunities for children who may not have access to literature. It’s a win-win situation where we can declutter our bookshelves while helping someone in need.

On the last day of Kindness Week, we had a delightful kindness dance that everyone enjoyed. Then we were asked to share our impressions of the person next to us, which boosted our self-esteem and brought joy to everyone. An example is when I heard about my upbeat personality, which made me smile wide. I complimented back to the person about them supporting others. The keynote speakers shared their personal experiences of kindness and we celebrated the children who won kindness awards. The fact that animals exhibit altruistic behavior was a touching and memorable takeaway from the assembly. I want to credit the yearbook team for checking in with everyone about the acts of kindness, allowing us to be more self-aware. 

Kindness Week is a unique QLS tradition that serves as a reminder to spread joy and compassion by sharing kindness without expectations. It’s a celebration of the beauty of the human spirit and the limitless potential for goodness that exists within us all no matter the size, color, or character.

Photo by Ditto Bowo on Unsplash

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