Music To My Ears: The ‘You Matter’ Tour

On October 26, 2019, Casey McQuillen came to Quarry Lane to perform her “You Matter” concert in the afternoon. Casey McQuillen is a native of Boston who gained her fame through American Idol. She had performed on American Idol Season 13. She performed for most of the afternoon after third period ended around 2:20 to 3:30 pm. Students from grades fifth to twelfth grade came to the gym to watch her interactive concert, in the middle of the gym.

Photo credit: Reha Matai

Her interactive “You Matter” concert was about personality, anti-bullying, and her experiences.  Through the entire concert, she sang songs and talked with the students about how she dealt with problems such as bullying and other problems. Her relatable stories and relatable messages are what made many students enjoy the concert and have fun listening to her songs. For example, her song “Beautiful”, is about her story of growing up in a society obsessed with being beautiful and perfect. In addition, her personality and ability to relate with the students seemed to have made many students more comfortable to watch her.

Photo credit: Reha Matai
Casey McQuillen sings her heart out in the song “Beautiful” to grades 5-12 at QLS.

After the ending of the concert, girls from grade ninth and tenth stayed for a question and answer session with Casey McQuillen. Many students enjoyed her concert and were overall happy to listen to her. Casey McQuillen’s stories and songs were both relatable and came with a strong and passionate message.

Reha and Tejasvi took a picture with Casey as they enjoyed her Assembly/Concert.

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