Intra Term week is a dedicated time for students at QLS for excursions, exploration, volunteering, and community building exercises. During Intra term week, students at Quarry Lane explored various colleges, helped preschoolers by volunteering, and enjoyed their time off from school by sharing meaningful learning experiences with one another. This week allowed students to experience […]


QLS Basketball Wins

The Quarry Lane School’s basketball team had an exciting game against Summit K2 on Saturday January 18. As the crowd and school cheerleaders cheered them on, it was certainly an interesting match. Congrats to the Varsity Girls, who won their close match by 5 points and the Varsity boys who won by 15. All of […]


STOMP Out Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention month! As this was initiated by PACER in 2006, it’s an amazing time for schools and organizations to help raise awareness about bullying. By raising awareness and talking to students, we can make an impact. Its a way to reach out to communities, schools, and families all over the world […]