Intra Term week is a dedicated time for students at QLS for excursions, exploration, volunteering, and community building exercises. During Intra term week, students at Quarry Lane explored various colleges, helped preschoolers by volunteering, and enjoyed their time off from school by sharing meaningful learning experiences with one another. This week allowed students to experience both personal and academic growth outside of the usual classroom setting. One group of students from our school went on an amazing academic adventure as they traveled to France and Italy. Through this learning experience, this group had the chance to explore many cities and tourist attractions such as the Louvre, Colosseum, Pantheon, and many more exciting places. All of their days away in Europe were packed with entertaining events and things to do. From trying new food to exploring new places, this group had a great learning experience and formed strong friendships. Whether they were off exploring Europe or stayed locally for college visits and volunteering, both groups had the opportunity of personal, social, and economic growth out of the typical classroom. All of these enriching and engaging activities helped them focus on collaboration, learning, and community service. A few activities throughout the week for High Schoolers include volunteering at the Oakland Zoo and creeks as well as visiting colleges like USF, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Clara, and Stanford. With these trips and events, students formed many bonds with each other as well as shared an immersive learning experience they’ll never forget. 

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