The History Behind Labor day

 Each year, we all have time off from school or work to celebrate Labor Day, but many of us don’t know why or the history behind the importance of this special day. Labor day is celebrated on the first Monday of September to pay tributes to the achievements and contributions to all American workers. This year, labor day occurred on September 7th and we celebrated this day with a day off from school. Students from all over enjoyed this 3 day weekend where students had time to spend with their families, friends, and more. This annual celebration of workers and their accomplishments originated during one of history’s darkest periods. Around the 1800s, the average American worked long 12 hour days and seven day weeks to earn their basic living. Even children helped in mills, factories, and other workplaces across the country to earn some part of their parent’s wages. Many people began to unsafe with the poor working conditions including the lack of access to fresh air, breaks, and sanitary facilities. Soon after, people began to plan and organize rallies to protest against poor conditions and demand more pay. The idea that soon came to be the “workingmen’s” holiday spread around to various industrial centers across America and different states began to recognize this holiday. Although it took time, Congress legalized this holiday approximately 12 years later, when they began to understand and fight for workers’ rights.  

To this very day, Labor Day continues to be celebrated in cities throughout the United States. With picnics, parades, and other forms of gatherings, Americans enjoy time off from their work to spend with people they love. Additionally, Labor Day traditionally symbolizes the end of summer and the start of the new school year with events and other forms of entertainment. Labor Day is dedicated to the economic and social accomplishments and achievements of American workers. We honor this day as it marks a yearly tribute to all that workers have contributed to the prosperity and well being of our county. It gives us a sense of belonging and allows us to connect to history and celebrate generations of Americans.

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