QLS Basketball Wins

QLS Boy’s Varsity Team

The Quarry Lane School’s basketball team had an exciting game against Summit K2 on Saturday January 18. As the crowd and school cheerleaders cheered them on, it was certainly an interesting match. Congrats to the Varsity Girls, who won their close match by 5 points and the Varsity boys who won by 15. All of the players worked hard and were determined on this thrilling day. A freshman on the Varsity team says, “Being a freshman on the Varsity has been very important to me as I get to challenge myself every day. I have been playing for 4 years but every day I play, I learn something new. For me, basketball is a way to re-discover myself while having fun.-Manraaj” Another player who loves basketball says, “When you go out there, trust in yourself and be confident in your abilities.
Way to go Cougars!

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