QLS Pep Rallies

 Our pep rallies bring an exciting and positive vibe to the school. Pep Rallies are held to bring school spirit and the Quarry Lane community together. All high schoolers from grades 9-12 attend to show their spirit! Our pep rallies are organized to involve students as well as have them participate in fun games and activities. Different grades verse each other with games like tug a war and dodgeball, creating some friendly competition.

Photo credit: Anjali Kalidindi

Our sports teams such as volleyball, cross country, and basketball are recognized for their efforts and hard work throughout the season. These athletes feel proud as our school applauds for their achievements. As students participate in these games, the rest of the crowd cheers to support their grade. With hand-clappers and bottle shakers, our school loves to make noise and cheer. The competition gets even more exciting when teachers join in on the fun. These rallies have always had a positive impact on our students. In general, the student body loves pep rallies as they give us a break from school. It’s a way to bring our community together, have fun with friends, and show our school spirit.  

Photo credit: Anjali Kalidindi

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