The Quarry Lane Girls Varsity Volleyball Playoffs

For the first time in Quarry Lane history, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team qualified for NCS Playoffs, a competitive bracket that pairs the top sixteen teams of the league division. The bracket decides the champions of the league through a strict single elimination. The Varsity’s culmination of hard work, long practices, and frequent games came out to a record of 17-7 and the first ticket into the NCS Division Playoffs. The Girls Varsity Volleyball team has been a program at Quarry Lane for 7 years. It has undergone different coaches, game plans, and students through its young history. This achievement brings hope to the team’s future as the mere possibility of getting into the playoffs has been succeeded. It was not about whether they won or lost the game, it was about playing hard and being proud that this momentous occasion was reached. 

An interview with the co-captain and Senior on the team, Aanchal Yadav, showed the motivation and impact that making it to playoffs had. Aanchal has been on the team her whole four years of high school. Coming into the season, her main goal was to make it to playoffs. She believes that the team this year was able to do that because of the close bond they grew over the season and the raw talent of each individual player. When asked about what she took away from her volleyball career she answered with “be confident in what you do”. 

Though the Cougars lost the first division game against the second best team in the league, they ended the season with a great record and a growing hope to become NCS Champions in the next coming years.

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