Are you listening?

Every cause has an effect, a drastic one. Every small action we take can create a new universe, a new world. The universe we create is the foundation of our choices. After all, we are defined by our choices.

One person suicides every 30 seconds, and 3000 people suicide every day. Mental illness has become a great issue that we face in today’s world. I remember there was a point in time where I depended on my “friends” heavily. Those same friends whom I had known for nine years broke my trust, damaged the last piece of thread that sustained my life. But I had some angels that tied it back. We get caught up in our own lives to such extents, where we don’t understand the impact of our actions.  We might not recognize the people in our lives that need help. At times you might be that last piece of thread holding a person’s life. No matter how much you hate that person, that person might be in desperate need of help. That person might be screaming, yet you might not hear even a whisper for help. That why we must allow ourselves to listen, allow ourselves to love. Let’s work towards a better world.

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